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Motor vehicle accidents and teens: A deadly combination

When a West Virginia driver takes his or her attention away from the roadway — even for a moment — deadly consequences can follow. Motor vehicle accidents caused by distraction are actually the leading cause of death among teen drivers. In fact, talking on the phone, texting or other phone-related activities has come to be known as a phenomenon called “intextication.”

Distracted driving involves more than just texting behind the wheel. It can include actions such as putting on makeup, surfing Facebook, talking to a passenger or eating. Seemingly harmless actions can divert a driver’s focus, even for a second, leading to accidents that cause fatalities or serious injuries. Distracted driving not only impacts the person behind the wheel, but also passengers and others in or near the roadway — as well as the families of accident victims. 

“Intextication” is a serious problem among teen drivers, but accident victims may assume that they have no grounds for legal recourse against a young individual. In reality, the parents of the driver or the owner of the vehicle may be liable for damages caused by a teen driver. Car accident victims or families of those killed should never assume that they do not have a case. Instead, they may benefit by seeking the opinion of an attorney regarding their legal options.

A West Virginia lawyer experienced in personal injury cases can evaluate the case in order to determine if it is appropriate to move forward with a legal claim. Victims of these types of motor vehicle accidents could be eligible for financial compensation and may want to fully understand their options. Distracted driving is an epidemic, but victims have rights that can be protected.

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