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Products liability claim an option if hurt by dangerous product

Manufacturers have a responsibility to produce products that are safe for consumers, with correct labels and clear warnings of possible hazards. However, not all manufacturers do this, marketing products that place innocent consumers at risk of injury or illness. In fact, some of the most commonly used products may contain products that are harmful, such as cosmetics. Products liability claims may be an option for some West Virginia consumers.

It is said that Americans spend almost $50 million dollars on beauty products every year. A growing number of people, including lawmakers, believe that many makeup products contain harmful ingredients. Many lawmakers are demanding that these products be removed from the market or changed so that they no longer pose a threat to consumers.

The beauty product industry is unregulated, and many products contain ingredients that include formaldehyde or lead acetate. Formaldehyde has been known to cause cancer, and doctors have said that they are treating patients on a regular basis who have had an adverse reaction to the chemicals in beauty products. A new law has been proposed that would require manufacturers to remove products from the market if they contain unsafe levels of these ingredients.

When dangerous products cause harm to innocent consumers, it can have a long-term physical and financial impact. Fortunately, consumers have the right to pursue claims for accountability against these companies, seeking monetary damages by filing a products liability claim. If a person contracts a deadly disease or has adverse reactions to a beauty product, a West Virginia lawyer can help investigate the cause and assess the viability of proceeding to file a lawsuit against the product manufacturer and/or others in the consumer supply chain.

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