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Is a products liability claim an option for you?

A defective medical device can cause serious complications, resulting in continued health problems, infections or even death. When a West Virginia patient suffers because a defective or dangerous product was implanted into his or her body, it is entirely within one’s rights to gain an understanding of the legal remedies available. A products liability claim may be an appropriate way for a victim — or the surviving family of a deceased victim — to recover financial losses associated with an extended recovery.

Defective hip products are a common cause for concern. Certain brands of hip replacement devices have been recalled. These defective hip implants cause patients pain and often require them to undergo additional surgery. As West Virginia readers know, the extended recovery time, additional surgeries and the trauma associated with unnecessary pain and suffering can be financially and emotionally devastating for the patient and his or her family.

There are several different brands of hip implant systems that have been found to be defective, including Stryker, Biomet and DuPuy. When an individual has suffered because of a hip replacement issue, it is important to work with a lawyer who understands the difference between these manufacturers and the differences between the defective systems. An experienced products liability attorney can help a victim and family understand options and build a strong claim.

A products liability claim is a civil legal proceeding by which an innocent hip replacement patient may be eligible to recover monetary damages occasioned by injuries suffered due to a defective product. A faulty medical product can cause catastrophic physical damage, and victims have the right to seek financial relief for damage incurred. It is beneficial to seek the counsel of a lawyer experienced in defective medical device litigation.

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