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How distracted driving causes motor vehicle accidents

It is no surprise to West Virginia readers that distracted driving is a serious problem. While texting is one of the most common types of distracted driving, there are other types of distraction that lead to an increased risk of motor vehicle accidents. Distracted driving is typically classified as any behavior that diverts a driver’s attention while he or she is behind the wheel. 

Manual distraction is any behavior that actually takes the driver’s hands away from the steering wheel, such as eating, holding a cellphone or adjusting the radio dial. Visual distraction occurs when a driver’s eyes are not on the road, even though his or her hands are on the steering wheel. Cognitive distraction occurs as a driver appears to be focused on the task at hand, but in reality, his or her mind is on something else.

Texting and driving is particularly dangerous because it typically involves all three types of distraction: visual, cognitive and manual. Researchers have found that texting makes a driver four times more likely to be in a car accident, which is the same risk that drunk drivers face. Other research indicates that approximately 28 percent of all motor vehicle accidents are related to cellphone use.

If a West Virginia reader believes that he or she is a victim of distracted driving of any type, it is beneficial to seek the counsel of a lawyer experienced in cases related to motor vehicle accidents. Distracted drivers can be held accountable for damages caused in an accident. An experienced lawyer will know how to gather documentation to validate a personal injury claim on behalf of the injured party.

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