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West Virginia motor vehicle accidents: 1 gravely injured

It can be particularly infuriating and terrifying when to be involved in a motor vehicle accident, especially if it was the result of another individual’s poor choices. When drivers make bad choices, they risk injury to themselves and others in or near the roadway. In many cases, these motor vehicle accidents are avoidable. This may have been the case in one recent crash that sent an individual to a West Virginia hospital.

Around 2 p.m. on a recent Friday, a collision involving two vehicles occurred in Bluewell. According to police, a southbound car on Route 52 was struck by a pickup truck. The driver of the pickup was apparently leaving a drive-in restaurant and pulled out directly in front of the car.

The car driver was transported to the hospital for injuries that were not life-threatening. It was not indicated whether the driver in the pickup truck was injured. At this time, the exact cause of the crash is unknown and the police investigation is ongoing.

It is not yet clear if authorities will pursue criminal charges as they’re not always filed in West Virginia motor vehicle accidents. Regardless, it is still possible for a victim to seek financial accountability from the person deemed responsible for an accident. This is usually accomplished by filing a civil claim  for monetary damages. While a criminal conviction, if secured, could strength a civil case, it is not a prerequisite for moving forward with a claim for reimbursement of financial losses. Nevertheless, the claim must be based upon appropriate proof of negligence that is deemed to have caused or substantially contributed to the accident and injuries that resulted.

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