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Some drivers flee scenes of motor vehicle accidents

A recent incident occurred at a highway toll booth plaza in West Virginia. A collision occurred between two vehicles. Some motor vehicle accidents, such as this one, involve a driver who flees the scene rather than stopping to exchange insurance information and render aid, if needed.

On a Monday night in North Beckley, the driver of a sport utility vehicle allegedly rammed into the back of a car that was positioned at a toll booth window. Reports indicate that the driver of the small truck initially signaled for the driver of the car to pull over so that the two could exchange pertinent insurance information. Instead of pulling over, however, the truck is alleged to have suddenly fled the scene.

The driver of the vehicle that was struck suffered injuries in the collision. The vehicle that was hit sustained rear bumper damage. The man who is said to have left the scene of the accident was later located by authorities. He has since been issued tickets for driving under a revoked license, failing to maintain control of his vehicle and leaving an accident scene.

In West Virginia and all other states, those who suffer injuries in motor vehicle accidents that were caused by the negligence of other motorists retain the right to seek legal consultation in the aftermaths of the incidents. If injured victims so choose, personal injury claims may be filed in civil courts. This allows compensation to be sought for any damages that were sustained due to the accidents.

Source: wvnstv.com, “UPDATE: Driver in Hit & Run near Beckley is found“, Aug. 4, 2015

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