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Reducing numbers of personal injury claims related to malpractice

West Virginia readers know that medical malpractice or hospital errors can have grave consequences. Patients can suffer needlessly from a mistake that could have easily been prevented with more vigilance and less distraction. Experts in the medical field have noted the high numbers of personal injury claims related to medical errors and have identified practices that could reduce these numbers overall.

“Never events” in the health care industry are those that are the result of blatant negligence. This includes wrong-site surgery or leaving a surgical tool inside a patient after the procedure is finished. It is believed that these types of mistakes are largely preventable and may be the result of distraction inside the operating room.

It is possible to prevent medical malpractice cases, and there are some simple ways that health care professionals can foster an attitude of safety and cooperation inside the operating room. It is important to reduce distractions and unnecessary noise. It can also be useful to promote a healthy atmosphere of teamwork and have every member of the surgical team engaged throughout the entire surgery.

When the negligence of a health care professional results in the pain and suffering of a West Virginia patient, it is appropriate for the patient to take legal action in the form of a civil claim. A personal injury claim against the liable party can help a malpractice victim and family recover from any financial and physical pain and suffering. By seeking a complete case evaluation from an experienced personal injury attorney, an individual can understand legal options that are available according to the circumstances of the individual case,

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