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Personal injury claims after dog bites or attacks

If you were attacked by a vicious dog or your child was bitten, you have certain rights as a victim. You may have valid grounds for a personal injury claim, and you could be owed compensation for your pain and suffering. West Virginia dog bite victims should be careful to fully understand all legal options and where to turn for support after an animal attack. 

A dog bite can be traumatic, requiring stitches and extensive medical treatment. Victims can contract illnesses and be left dealing with medical bills and emotional scarring. Children who are attacked by dogs often require emergency room care or surgery, and they could be left with psychological issues that stem from a sudden and unprovoked dog attack. Healing time and therapy can be lengthy and costly, but victims do have options for recourse 

The amount of possible compensation available to a dog bite victim will be based on the details of the individual cases. Related expenses, such as plastic surgery, counseling or lost wages from missed work could be eligible for compensation. When victims have concerns about the financial impact of a dog bite, it is useful to seek a complete case evaluation with a knowledgeable lawyer. 

A personal injury claim may not be the best course of action for every West Virginia dog bite victim, but it may be wise to consider filing a civil claim in order to recover your financial losses. The dog owner’s homeowners insurance may be an available source of compensation for you, but our team will carefully consider every option. For more information about dog bite cases, please visit our website or schedule a case evaluation. 

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