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Man files personal injury claim against West Virginia hospital

A West Virginia man has filed a lawsuit against Wheeling Hospital after he fell during an x-ray. The personal injury lawsuit claims that the defendants were negligent in their care of the patient, ultimately leading to exacerbated physical injuries. He was at the hospital to see his doctor after being diagnosed with a concussion.

The man went to the hospital after injuring himself while playing basketball. His doctor diagnosed him with a spinal sprain and a concussion. He was sent for x-rays, during which he was required to stand with no physical support. According to the report, the doctor knew that the patient had complained of dizziness, nausea and other concussion symptoms that may have impacted his ability to stand. 

In the course of the fall, the patient suffered additional physical damage to his face and jaw. He had facial lacerations, a broken jaw bone and severe cuts on his tongue, in addition to the effects of his concussion. The injured man claims that the West Virginia hospital should have provided support during the x-ray and should have known that he was at a risk for a fall due to his head injury. 

The plaintiff is seeking financial damages from the doctor, hospital and other unknown defendants involved in his treatment. After a person is injured because of doctor errors or negligent treatment in a hospital, that individual has the right to pursue a personal injury claim against the liable parties. Every person has the right to understand his or her legal options after another person’s actions cause physical, emotional or financial harm. 

Source: wvrecord.com, “X-ray accident results in lawsuit“, Kyla Asbury, May 4, 2015

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