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Essure product: products liability claim option for victims

West Virginia readers may have heard of the troubling reports in the media regarding the potential dangers of Essure contraceptive products. When these products were released more than 10 years ago, they were advertised as a quick and non-invasive way that women could get permanent birth control. Now, there are many concerned people speaking out about the dangers of the product and procedure, leaving the manufacturer vulnerable to potential products liability claims.

The Essure contraceptive device is implanted in a woman during a 10 minute outpatient procedure. This method was a popular choice among women who wanted results without having major surgery with a lengthy downtime. However, there are approximately 4,000 patients who have reported having severe issues after receiving the device. These issues include chronic pain, organ damage and some patients have even died.

Women who have suffered because of this device are working to have the FDA remove the product from the market. In the meantime, they are publicising the alleged dangers of the Essure product through Facebook and other groups. Some victims are blaming the manufacturer for circulating a product that has caused so much harm while still touting it as safe and effective.

When a patient is harmed because of a dangerous medical product, the law provides a manner by which victims can seek financial recovery. West Virginia residents have the right to pursue financial compensation by filing a products liability claim against the liable party. If a woman feels that she has suffered because of a medical device, a case evaluation can determine what specific legal options may be available to her.

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