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Honoring those who have died in West Virginia coal mine accidents

University landscape architect students from West Virginia recently built displays to be shared with the public in Miners Park. The project was part of a memorial gathering that honors those who have died in coal mine accidents in the state. The recent  event was the 12th annual memorial of its kind in Everettville.

The Everettville community gathering brings people together to sing, listen to speakers and to share personal stories of loved ones, gone. The event’s main focus honors those killed in a mining accident that occurred almost nine decades ago; however, the community is encouraged to remember and honor all who have died in mining accidents, past and present. The annual memorial is held at the site of the long-ago disaster, the Federal No. 3 Mine.

An international district vice president said that these gatherings are important so that the tragedies in the West Virginia mines are never forgotten. He said that encouragement and support needs to be shown for the widows and orphans left behind in the aftermath of the tragic accidents. He also blamed unsafe working conditions in the industry for the mining deaths.

It is understandable that those who have lost loved ones in West Virginia coal mine accidents might have need of consultation with an attorney in the area. If the deceased was the primary breadwinner in a family, the untimely death might lead to extreme financial crisis, in addition to the emotional grief and sorrow experienced by the family. If immediate family members of a decedent choose to file a legal claim on behalf of their loved one, the court could award compensation for damages that might help to alleviate some of the financial burden.

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