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Wife files federal wrongful death claim after husband’s death

A trucking company that has trucks running on the highways of several states is facing a federal lawsuit that was filed by the wife of a truck driver who died in an accident in 2013 near Bluefield, West Virginia. The lawsuit names the trucking company and one its clients as defendants in the wrongful death claim. According to the plaintiff, she employed her husband to collect and deliver goods on behalf of the defendant trucking company.

Prior to his death, the plaintiff’s husband operated a Freightliner truck that belongs to her. She claims that this vehicle was being repaired when the trucking company asked for goods to be collected at an address in another state. The defendant apparently provided a replacement truck and re-routed the trucker several times to destinations in various states.

The plaintiff claims that one of the unscheduled collections was at the premises of the second defendant, where an unusual load was loaded onto the truck. The extremely heavy steel coil allegedly shifted while her husband was driving on Interstate 77, causing the truck to roll over. The accident caused her husband’s death, and the plaintiff claims that he suffered severely during the time leading up to his death.

The plaintiff accuses the defendants of negligence and breach of duty, claiming that this led to the death of her husband. West Virginia residents who have lost loved ones in circumstances that were caused by the negligence of others may pursue legal claims for financial relief. Wrongful death claims may be filed in civil court, and the successful presentation of evidence of negligence may lead to monetary judgments to cover losses and expenses that were brought about by the accidents.

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