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Retail store sued for personal injury after fall

A West Virginia woman is suing Gabriel Brothers after she was injured in a fall at the Charleston location of the store. The injured women claims that she suffered injury due to dangerous conditions at the store. Stores and other public places have a responsibility to maintain a safe environment for patrons. The personal injury suit against Gabe’s cites negligent maintenance and failure to properly maintain the facility. 

According to the personal injury claim, the woman suffered extensive physical injuries and emotional duress. The specific nature of the injuries was not reported. The victim seeks monetary relief for medical expenses, emotional suffering and financial losses due to an inability to work. 

When an individual falls, he or she may endure extensive injuries. As illustrated by this accident, a customer may lose the ability to work, suffer significant injury and face financial struggles from just one incident. If an individual has suffered because of the negligence or recklessness of another individual or establishment, that person has the right to seek financial relief in a West Virginia civil court. A personal injury claim based upon premises liability may be a practical manner by which a victim can seek to hold the party deemed responsible fully accountable for financial damages. 

Responsibility for the conditions that caused an accident is not always clear. In a case involving negligent maintenance, it is best to seek the counsel of an individual experienced in personal injury law. This typically grants a West Virginia victim a better chance of a successfully navigated premises liability claim, as well as opportunity to gain a full understanding of all available legal options. 

Source: The West Virginia Record, “Woman blames Gabe’s for injuries“, Kyla Asbury, March 13, 2015

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