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Workers’ compensation for coal mine accidents

Workers’ compensation benefits are granted to most workers who have been injured on the job, including West Virginia miners. The job requirements of this particular industry commonly place workers in hazardous or dangerous situations, and injury or death can occur. It is important for injured miners and families to understand their rights regarding workers’ compensation benefits so that they will know how to proceed in case of an accident. 

Some of the dangers that are faced by miners on a daily basis include the risk of explosions, faulty work equipment, elevator failure, lack of safety procedures and illnesses related to poor air quality. Many of these can be circumvented simply by properly training workers and providing adequate and safe equipment. When a minor is injured or killed, we fight for our clients, aggressively pursuing the apppropriate financial recovery. 

Coal mine accidents are typically serious, and injuries can leave a victim permanently disabled and unable to work. Head trauma, broken bones, brain damage, burns or even loss of limb are possible consequences of mining accidents.  From filing a workers’ compensation claim to appealing a claim denial, we understand that you and your family should be able to focus on a complete physical recovery. That is why we are dedicated to assisting you through the entire process. 

In the West Virginia coal mine industry, worker safety may take a back seat to higher productivity and profit. Regardless of the circumstances of a coal mine accident or the opinion of the employer, every worker has the right to assess the viability of pursuing a workers’ compensation claim and to take action accordingly. Our team has extensive experience in this field, and we are ready to be an advocate for you during this difficult time. 

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