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The role of speed in motor vehicle accidents

Motor vehicle accidents can be caused by many factors that are beyond the control of the West Virginia driver, ranging from a blown tire to unsafe road conditions. However, when the negligent, reckless or dangerous actions of a driver cause an accident, these are completely preventable causes and grounds for a potential lawsuit. In many serious motor vehicle accidents, it is learned that speed played a direct role in the crash.

Speeding may not be viewed as serious as other accident causes, such as drunk driving, but the reality is that speed greatly increases the risk of an accident. This behavior often comes with great consequences. In 2012 alone, speed was the main factor in more than 10,000 motorist deaths. 

When a car is moving at an extremely high rate of speed, it can be difficult to slow down, dramatically increasing the chances of a serious accident. The higher the rate of speed, the greater the force of impact will be if the vehicle is in an accident. Speeding greatly increases the severity of a crash as well as the severity of injuries suffered. If an individual is injured or a family member was killed because of a speed-related accident, a successfully litigated personal injury or wrongful death claim may help secure the financial recovery that is deserved. 

It is known that reducing the speed limit and fining motorists for speeding can reduce the frequency of speed-related motor vehicle accidents. It has been proved that speed cameras also help. However, it should be noted that West Virginia drivers are responsible for their behavior behind the wheel and can be financially liable for any damages sustained in an accident.

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