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Personal injury claim filed over accident in restaurant

A West Virginia woman has filed a personal injury lawsuit against a Wendy’s restaurant after she apparently fell in the restroom. The woman says that the restaurant was negligent by allowing water to accumulate on the floor of the bathroom, posing a risk to customers. The personal injury lawsuit states that the woman suffered painful injuries from the incident. 

The lawsuit further states that the woman suffered from a concussion and other injuries to the arm and neck. The West Virginia woman also claims that her cell phone was damaged and that she has accumulated over $4,000 in medical bills from accident-related injuries. She says that she was not warned of the water hazard in the bathroom, which could indicate that the restaurant did not have proper wet floor signs. 

In addition to financial recovery for her medical bills, the woman is also seeking compensation for lost wages, legal fees and interest. The restaurant claims that the accident is the result of the woman’s own actions, not the negligence of the restaurant. Filing a personal injury claim is not a guarantee that an individual will fully recover financial losses, but it is always within the right of a victim to consider this option. 

When a person is injured because of the negligent or reckless actions of another party, a personal injury lawsuit is an option. The responsible party could be legally liable for the expenses of the victim and any punitive damages sustained. Each case is different and should be evaluated by a knowledgeable professional proficient in personal injury law.

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