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Options available to victims of motor vehicle accidents

Motor vehicle accidents have the potential to cause irreparable damage, either through the death of a loved one or significant injury. It is unfair that an accident victim in West Virginia should suffer because of the actions of a motorist. Fortunately, the law provides the opportunity for victims of all types of motor vehicle accidents to seek financial compensation. 

Car accidents can occur for many reasons, including drunk driving, speeding and other negligent or reckless actions. Victims may be left facing unexpected medical bills, lost wages from missed work and long-term rehabilitation. When these expenses are a direct result of any of the aforementioned reasons, among others, the injured party or family of a deceased victim may consider a civil claim seeking financial relief for specified damages,. 

Any victim, including the surviving family of a deceased victim, has the right to evaluate his or her legal options regarding a personal injury or wrongful death claim. A civil suit may be appropriate after any type of accident, including truck, car, pedestrian or commercial vehicle collision. While the civil claims process can be complex, an experienced lawyer can navigate this process on behalf of a client. 

After an accident, West Virginia drivers should consider a consultation with an attorney experienced in motor vehicle accident law. Not only will this determine all appropriate legal options, it will allow the victim and family to make the best possible decisions for a complete recovery. Visit our website and get more information regarding options after every type of motor vehicle accidents. Our team of skilled attorneys is ready to assist victims and families through the difficult and emotional post-accident process. 

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