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Dangerous food products could lead to products liability claims

There can be many dangers hidden in the American food supply, possibly opening the door for products liability claims from those who have been adversely affected. Dangerous foods can cause illness through bacteria and other types of infections, placing consumers at risk. Although many dangerous foods are recalled, products liability claims could still be an option for those who have become ill from these foods.

Even though many of these foods have been recalled, some West Virginia consumers may be unaware of the potential risk or have already consumed the product. It is estimated that, in 2014 alone, there have been approximately 100 food product recalls. Some of the most commonly recalled foods include beef and chicken because of bacterial contamination. There have been two major beef recalls this year, one by Wolverine Packing Company and the other by Californian Rancho Feeding Corporation.

Over one million pounds of chicken have been recalled this year because of salmonella contamination. Surprisingly, sprouts and some spices carry a risk or listeria and salmonella, respectively. Other potentially dangerous foods include eggs, milk, fruits and shellfish. If a consumer has suffered because of a recall or contamination in any of these types of food, legal action may be a viable option.

Consumers should not be placed at an unecesaary risk because of unsafe food. West Virginia consumers have the right to seek professional assistance in order to explore the possibility of products liability claims if they have suffered because of dangerous foods. A case evaluation should reveal possible legal options for seeking financial compensation for any physical or emotional duress.

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