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Personal injury claim filed after bulldozer accident

A West Virginia man has filed a personal injury lawsuit after suffering injuries from a bulldozer accident. The man claims that he was asked by his employer to drive a bulldozer that was unsafe, therefore placing him at risk for an accident. The personal injury suit states that the man is seeking a certain amount of damages to cover his pain and suffering.

A report indicates that the bulldozer had the blades reversed and was not properly maintained. As a result, the back of the machinery was heavier than the front. This caused the bulldozer to flip over and fall into a ditch off of an embankment with the man in the driver’s cabin. According to the report, other employers had reported that the equipment was not working properly.

The lawsuit was filed against Apogee Coal Company L.L.C., Patriot Coal Corporation and Cecil I. Walker Machinery Company. The injured man claims that it was known the bulldozer was unsafe for use, possibly making these parties liable for negligence and not providing safe work conditions for workers. It is the responsibility of the employer and job site supervisors to provide safe work conditions, along with the proper equipment need to safely finish the required task.

As a result of the accident, the Virginia man has suffered from injuries to his back, shoulder, knees and neck. He was left unable to work for a certain period and he has other long-term difficulties as well. This personal injury suit seeks compensation for his lost wages and other physical difficulties he has faced. A personal injury claim is a legal way to seek compensation needed to alleviate the financial burden that likely follows an unexpected accident.

Source: The West Virginia Record, “Bulldozer accident results in lawsuit“, Melody Dareing, June 30, 2014

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