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Loose loads could cause tragic motor vehicle accidents

A tragic accident in West Virginia serves as a reminder of the risk of trucks with unsecured loads and possible motor vehicle accidents that can occur. This accident took place when a semi-truck lost part of its load, which then struck a motorcycle. While motor vehicle accidents are rarely caused by malicious intent, it is still the responsibility of truck drivers to ensure that the loads which they carry do not pose a risk to other drivers.

In this particular case, a woman and her husband were traveling on their motorcycle on Interstate 64. A semi-truck lost a steel pipe from the trailer. It struck the motorcycle, apparently severing the front tire from the rest of the vehicle. The woman passenger died from her injuries, while her husband is expected to survive. West Virginia law enforcement believe that there is nothing that could have been done by the motorcycle driver to avoid the accident.

Although this incident was a tragic accident, the truck driver was cited for traveling with an unsecured load. It seems unimaginable that a heavy steel pipe could simply fall off of a truck, but the risk factors of carrying these types of loads are great. Drivers and trucking companies could be found liable for damages that are incurred because of unsafely secured loads.

There is nothing that can be done to erase the grief that comes from motor vehicle accidents. However, the family of the deceased could explore their option to seek wrongful death compensation from the driver or his employer. Before a civil suit can succeed, there needs to be evidence that can validate the claim that the plaintiffs have needlessly suffered because of the actions of another driver.

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