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Family of accident victim may be owed wrongful death compensation

The West Virginia family of a woman killed in a car accident could be owed wrongful death compensation from General Motors. Readers are likely aware of the controversy surrounding the American automaker as details emerge regarding ignition switch defects. These defects have caused numerous fatal accidents and have spurred a number of wrongful death lawsuits across the country.

A man lost his wife and unborn child in an accident attributed to this particular defect. Besides naming GM as the defendant in the lawsuit, a particular car dealership from which the car was purchased and a car parts manufacturer were also named. The pregnant West Virginia woman was killed when she was unable to stop her car at an intersection and hit another vehicle. Despite the impact with a large truck, the airbags in the smaller car apparently did not function properly.

This is not the only lawsuit filed against the automaker. GM has recalled millions of vehicles with this issue and reports that 13 people have died in crashes where the faulty ignition switch was reportedly a causal factor. However, those with close knowledge of the situation suggest that the number is actually closer to 100.

The deceased woman’s husband has every right to seek wrongful death compensation with regard to this tragic incident. Before initiating the legal process, it is likely that the man and his legal team gathered evidence, such as accident photos or other documentation, to validate the claim. No amount of recompense will undo any physical damage that has been done, but a monetary judgment can help to cover financial expenses and related damages. When an individual has lost a loved because of the negligent actions of another, filing a civil suit is a viable course of action for seeking justice through our civil court system..

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