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Couple seeks personal injury compensation after bus accident

A couple from the Oak Hill area of West Virginia has filed a personal injury lawsuit after a car accident that involved a school bus. The woman was reportedly driving when her vehicle was struck from behind by a school bus. The woman and her husband claim that she has suffered from injuries to the neck and back and filed the lawsuit to seek personal injury compensation and other damages.

Neck and back injuries are one of the most common types of injuries sustained during vehicle accidents. This is often caused by the typical motion of the body in the moment of impact and can leave a person with lingering pain and limited mobility. While these injuries are often not considered life-threatening, they do require medical treatment and possibly long-term care.

It appears that this woman was the only one injured from the school bus accident. The West Virginia couple is specifically seeking damages and other recompense to cover related expenses. The lawsuit is based on the accusation that the driver of the school bus displayed reckless behavior behind the wheel.

Anytime a person is injured in an accident that was caused by the actions of another person, he or she has the option to seek personal injury compensation. The injury sustained does not have to be major or life-threatening, but simply enough to require medical care or severe enough to change the quality of life of the victim. These claims should be validated by supporting evidence, such as medical bills and other documents related to the accident.

Source: West Virginia Record, “Oak Hill couple sue school board after wreck with bus“, Matt Russel, July 3, 2014

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