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Birth injury can cause personal injury claim in West Virginia

When most women experience labor, they hope to deliver a healthy baby. Birth injuries are rare in West Virginia, but they do happen. When these injuries do occur, they are sometimes the result of medical negligence on the part of the doctor or other medical staff members. One medical facility is faced with a medical malpractice lawsuit for personal injury allegedly caused to a baby.

Reportedly, a woman went into labor back in December of 2012. During her labor, she was given a drug called Pitocin to help speed up the delivery process. However, the mother claims that the Pitocin led her to experience uterine rupture and caused the baby to exhibit symptoms of distress. Eventually, the doctor made the decision to have the baby delivered through caesarean section, but it was apparently too late.

According to the lawsuit, the hospital was negligent in the baby’s delivery and it has caused irreversible injuries. The plaintiff claims that the baby has permanent injuries which include blindness and cerebral palsy. The woman is requesting judgment for an unspecified amount in damages to include court costs and lawyer’s fees.

A birth injury can often result in life-altering medical issues. The child may not be able to function as other children his or her age and may become completely dependent on family members for care. In this case, the mother claimed negligence resulted in the personal injury suffered. The civil court system in West Virginia may award plaintiffs damages they are requesting to reach an appropriate remedy based upon the evidence presented.

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