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Woman arrested in West Virginia for wrongful death

When car accidents are fatal, the responsible driver can face criminal and civil penalties. Depending on the outcome of these investigations, the surviving West Virginia family members affected by these accidents may be entitled to file wrongful death claims against the drivers. Two people were killed in a car accident back in October, and the woman believed to be responsible has been arrested.

According to reports, an accident occurred on a busy main road. Authorities indicate that the accident was caused by a 28-year-old woman. The accident killed a 29-year-old man and his infant daughter. After officials arrived at the scene, it was discovered that the woman had controlled substances and methamphetamine in her system at the time of the accident.

She was arrested on multiple traffic-related charges, including one count of child neglect resulting in death. She was also charged with two counts of driving under the influence causing death. At last report, she is being held at a county jail facility on a $150,000 bond. It is not known if the suspect has been released from jail.

In addition to DUI charges, the woman could face civil litigation as well. When a drunken driving accident results in a fatality, it leaves friends and loved ones of the victim in emotional devastation. The family members of the deceased victim may be entitled to file a wrongful death lawsuit against the driver. The civil court system in West Virginia typically adjudicates these types of lawsuits based upon evidence that the other party is responsible for the death. Monetary compensation may be awarded to the family of the deceased victim.

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