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West Virginia doctor sued for wrongful death

Boone Memorial Hospital and one of its doctors have been named in a lawsuit. An administrator of a patient’s estate filed a wrongful death claim, stating the defendants are the cause of the patient’s death. The administrator claims that the West Virginia doctor’s medical treatment was negligent.

Reportedly, the patient visited Boone Hospital on two separate occasions. On both of those occasions, she was under the care of the same physician. Back in 2012, the patient was admitted to the hospital due to a low heart rate. Since her heart rate did not continue to decrease, she was discharged and was allowed to go home. A short time later, the patient went back to the hospital and this time with an increased heart rate.

Moreover, she also had symptoms that displayed a type of Respiratory Distress Syndrome. Instead of her condition improving, her condition got worse. After an unsuccessful intubation attempt, she eventually died. According to the lawsuit, the doctor was negligent in the treatment he had provided. The administrator is requesting judgment for an unspecified amount in damages.

It is understandably the expectation that doctors and other medical professionals will provide adequate care in a time of need. However, that is not always the case, and a number of patients die at the hands of medical staff members as a result of negligence. West Virginia families whose loved ones are deceased due to medical negligence may wish to pursue wrongful death claims against the medical facility and/or treating physician. Initiating legal claims may result in much needed financial compensation.

Source: The West Virginia Record, Boone Co. doctor, hospital named in wrongful death suit, Thomas Kallies, March 10, 2014

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