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Aggressive driving can increase risk of car accidents

Aggressive drivers engage in reckless driving behaviors and often put the lives of other people in danger.

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Whether motorists are stuck in rush-hour traffic or another driver has pulled out in front of them on the freeway, West Virginia drivers may get irritated at other people on the road. In fact, AAA reported that almost 80 percent of motorists in the U.S. confessed that they have been angry with other people while driving, and in some cases, that anger elevated to incidents of aggression or road rage. Interestingly enough, men are three times more likely to display aggressive driving characteristics than women.

The dangers come when aggressive drivers put the lives of other people in danger. Impatience and strong emotions can push people to drive erratically, which may cause serious car accidents and physical altercations between drivers. At least 11 states in the nation have laws in place to handle aggressive drivers. However, West Virginia is not one of them, according to the Governors Highway Safety Association.

Signs of an aggressive driver

There are some warning signs that motorists should look out for when attempting to steer clear of aggressive drivers. According to NBC News, these signs include the following:

  • Pulling out in front of other cars
  • Excessive honking
  • Displays of inappropriate hand gestures or swearing
  • Tailgating or following too closely
  • Speeding
  • Drivers get out of the vehicle to approach another driver

Motorists who switch lanes erratically or block other cars from changing lanes may be considered aggressive as well. AAA reported that some aggressive drivers actively seek out confrontations with other people.

Taking action

When people encounter aggressive motorists while traveling out on the road, they may want to take certain precautions in order to avoid becoming involved in an accident. People should avoid becoming engaged with the driver, and should not respond to name calling, hand gestures, tailgating or speeding. Rather, motorists should call law enforcement officers and report the problem to authorities. If the aggressive driver is following the motorist, he or she should avoid going home until help arrives.

Obtaining legal assistance

If you have been involved in an accident involving an angry or aggressive driver, you may be left with property damage, injuries, medical expenses, emotional trauma or even permanent disabilities. Aggressive drivers should be held responsible for their actions. A personal injury attorney may be extremely helpful in your case. A lawyer in West Virginia may be able to discuss the details of your situation, answer your questions and look through possible legal options.