Medical Monitoring Protocols


The development of general guidelines for DuPont C8 linked disease Medical Monitoring is mandated by Section 13.3.2 of the Class Action Settlement Agreement. The guidelines are important to our clients who are Class Members as defined in the Class Action. Each of those individuals who consumed water from one of the Class Action included water sources (contaminated by DuPont’s C8) will have the right to periodic medical testing, paid for by DuPont, to detect whether or not the Class Member may contract one or more of the DuPont C8/PFOA linked diseases.

The initial Medical Monitoring Protocols have been developed by the C-8 Medical Panel and are summarized in a C-8 Medical Panel Report provided to the parties May 23, 2013 and subsequently filed in the office of the Wood County Circuit Clerk. The comprehensive report addresses/defines initial screening and diagnostic testing protocols. The report also explains the potential need for future screening (monitoring) and related testing, the details of which are deferred to a future Medical Panel report.

Related to the need for future monitoring regarding DuPont C-8 linked diseases, the Medical Panel recommended that the Administrator of the Medical Monitoring Program be charged to develop a mechanism to gather relevant data on implementation and findings of the Medical Monitoring Protocol which will be used to evaluate whether to change the Medical Monitoring Program in the future.

The Medical Panel also noted its plans to create educational materials in the future that will help inform Class Members about the benefits and harms of screening (in addition to discussions that the Class Members should have with their regular physician or other health professional).

On June 4, 2013, in response to inquiry from our attorneys representing the affected individuals, the DuPont C8 Class Action C-8 Medical Panel submitted a supplemental document providing additional explanation for the kidney cancer Medical Monitoring Protocol previously described in the C-8 Medical Panel Report.

What happens next?

The Medical Panel will next work with the Medical Monitoring Administrator (appointed by the court to create and oversee procedures for implementation of the Medical Monitoring Protocols). For the first two years, the implementation process will include participation of Brookmar, Inc., (the company which conducted the predicate C8 Health Project in which virtually all DuPont C8 Class Members participated). Your Class Attorneys anticipate that all responsible individuals will immediately begin formulating the details and DuPont C8 settlement Class Members will soon be able to acquire necessary screening and tests which will be paid for by DuPont as part of the DuPont C8 Class Action Settlement (Leach, et al. v E. I. du Pont de Nemours and Company, Civil Action No. 01-C-608 in the Circuit Court of Wood County, West Virginia).

Once finalized, the details of how Class Members will be entitled to acquire Medical Monitoring will be provided to the DuPont C8 Settlement Class members through court-ordered notification in addition to being posted on this website. The DuPont C8 Class Action litigation law firms who represent Class Members with regard to Medical Monitoring are listed below and may be contacted directly for further information:


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