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The holidays increases the risk of motor vehicle accidents

West Virginia readers know that the holidays are a time of year when there are more drivers on the road than usual. An increased number of drivers can lead to an increase in motor vehicle accidents, particularly those related to drunk driving. In an effort to discourage this dangerous behavior, law enforcement officers throughout the state will be increasing patrols over the holiday weekend.

Liability for damages re drunk driving motor vehicle accidents

Determining who is responsible for damages sustained in a drunk driving accident can be a difficult process, especially if there may be multiple parties accountable. This is illustrated by a recent case in West Virginia where a woman brought lawsuits against multiples businesses and individuals after a drunk driving accident. In motor vehicle accidents that cause injury, victims and families may be entitled to file a civil claim.

How distracted driving causes motor vehicle accidents

It is no surprise to West Virginia readers that distracted driving is a serious problem. While texting is one of the most common types of distracted driving, there are other types of distraction that lead to an increased risk of motor vehicle accidents. Distracted driving is typically classified as any behavior that diverts a driver's attention while he or she is behind the wheel. 

Dangerous roads may lead to motor vehicle accidents

After the death of their loved one, a West Virginia family is asking for authorities to make the busy Corridor G safer. The man was struck from behind while he was riding his bicycle home from work. He suffered fatal injuries. When pedestrians and cyclists are on busy roads, motor vehicle accidents are an all too common occurrence.

Motorcyclists face a higher risk of motor vehicle accidents

A recent accident in West Virginia serves as a reminder of the increased risk of accidents faced by motorcycle riders and passengers. An Oakland man recently passed away as a result of the injuries suffered in a motorcycle accident. As is the case with many motorcycle collisions, the trauma sustained in the accident was severe and life-threatening, despite medical attention and emergency care. In motor vehicle accidents involving motorcycles, the person on the bike is at a high risk for severe injury.

West Virginia motor vehicle accidents: 1 gravely injured

It can be particularly infuriating and terrifying when to be involved in a motor vehicle accident, especially if it was the result of another individual's poor choices. When drivers make bad choices, they risk injury to themselves and others in or near the roadway. In many cases, these motor vehicle accidents are avoidable. This may have been the case in one recent crash that sent an individual to a West Virginia hospital.

Motor vehicle accidents near West Virginia welcome center

Unfortunately, motor vehicle accidents occur every day on West Virginia roadways. Drivers are using the interstates for commuting, working, moving freight, vacationing and more. Motor vehicle accidents involving semi-trucks have the tendency to disrupt the flow of traffic or close down the road altogether; they also often cause injuries.

Some drivers flee scenes of motor vehicle accidents

A recent incident occurred at a highway toll booth plaza in West Virginia. A collision occurred between two vehicles. Some motor vehicle accidents, such as this one, involve a driver who flees the scene rather than stopping to exchange insurance information and render aid, if needed.

Recent motor vehicle accidents in West Virginia: 4 hospitalized

Although motor vehicle accidents in West Virginia can happen in the blink of an eye, the results can have lasting effects. When individuals are involved in motor vehicle accidents, they are sometimes able to walk away with minor injuries. However, it is all too often the case that serious injuries -- or worse -- result from a crash.

Occupants can be ejected on impact in motor vehicle accidents

On a recent Tuesday, just before 7 p.m., a car accident took place on a West Virginia highway. When motor vehicle accidents occur, the force of the impact sometimes causes one or more vehicle occupants to be ejected from their seats. Such was the case in the recent incident on Robert C. Byrd Drive.

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