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Is a products liability claim an option for you?

A defective medical device can cause serious complications, resulting in continued health problems, infections or even death. When a West Virginia patient suffers because a defective or dangerous product was implanted into his or her body, it is entirely within one's rights to gain an understanding of the legal remedies available. A products liability claim may be an appropriate way for a victim -- or the surviving family of a deceased victim -- to recover financial losses associated with an extended recovery.

Products liability claim option for victims of dangerous products

It is frustrating and overwhelming when an innocent West Virginia consumer suffers because of a dangerous product. When manufacturers fail to warn consumers of possible risks or mislabel products, victims may consider filing products liability claims in order to recover related losses. Recently, the FDA has released a warning to consumers regarding the risk of taking certain products that claim to enhance male sexual performance.

Some West Virginia products liability cases might involve food

Many consumers in West Virginia and throughout the United States purchase produce in grocery stores or markets that have been imported from other countries. In a recent case, hundreds of people have reportedly fallen ill, and the suspected source of their illnesses has been linked to cucumbers. A manufacturer, sales agent or other member of the consumer supply chain can be held accountable in a products liability case when a consumer who has been injured or made ill from a purchased product chooses to file a legal claim in a civil court.

Magnetic boards, sweaters may lead to products liability claims

Consumers in West Virginia may be affected by a few product recalls issued recently. The products said to have defects include dry erase boards and magnetic boards, children's sweaters and wall ovens. People who end up getting hurt due to using defective products have the right to file products liability claims against the manufacturers of the products.

Essure product: products liability claim option for victims

West Virginia readers may have heard of the troubling reports in the media regarding the potential dangers of Essure contraceptive products. When these products were released more than 10 years ago, they were advertised as a quick and non-invasive way that women could get permanent birth control. Now, there are many concerned people speaking out about the dangers of the product and procedure, leaving the manufacturer vulnerable to potential products liability claims. 

How do you know if you have a valid products liability claim?

Every day, West Virginia residents are harmed by products that they use on a regular basis. When a dangerous product causes injury, it may be because of factors outside of the victim's control. Issues with packaging, harmful product contents, improper labeling and other factors may have caused an incident that harmed the consumer. When this happens, victims have the right to pursue a products liability claim against the parties believed responsible for their suffering.

Products liability cases in the United States

West Virginia readers are likely familiar with the products liability claims against GM regarding faulty car parts and the apparent danger posed to motorists. The car manufacturer has paid millions of dollars to grieving families who have lost loved ones in car accidents and those who have been injured. As this major case underscores, products liability claims may be a legitimate way to pursue claims for financial relief after suffering from dangerous or hazardous products. 

Dangerous food products could lead to products liability claims

There can be many dangers hidden in the American food supply, possibly opening the door for products liability claims from those who have been adversely affected. Dangerous foods can cause illness through bacteria and other types of infections, placing consumers at risk. Although many dangerous foods are recalled, products liability claims could still be an option for those who have become ill from these foods.

Products liability issues from dangerous dental products

West Virginia readers may be surprised to know that it is possible that their dental products carry a risk for products liability issues. These common products hiding in medicine cabinets may actually place consumers in danger for certain health issues. Certain products, such as whitening toothpaste, may may pose a potential products liability issue.

Will unsafe chicken lead to products liability claims?

When a company releases a recall on a potentially unsafe food product, products liability claims could be filed if consumers have been injured in any way. Perdue Farms, a large producer and manufacturer of chicken products, has issued a recall on a popular chicken product that is distributed across the country, including in West Virginia. The products liability concerns were raised when several consumers found plastic in chicken nuggets.

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