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Motor Vehicle Accidents Archives

Motor vehicle accidents and trucks: Options for victims

Trucks are on virtually every road and highway in West Virginia and across the country. Due to the constant presence, size and weight of these vehicles, truckers have a special responsibility to drive safely and cautiously. When motor vehicle accidents are caused by negligent or dangerous truckers, victims have the right to to seek recompense for their pain and suffering. 

Recall intiated over risk of injury in motor vehicle accidents

West Virginia readers may be interested to note that Nissan, one of the largest automakers in the world, has initiated a massive recall of certain vehicles. The recall affects 3.18 million cars in the United States due to a safety issue that could increase the chance of injuries for drivers involved in motor vehicle accidents. According to Nissan, the airbags may not deploy properly because of an issue with the sensors.

Distraction increases risk of motor vehicle accidents

As most West Virginia readers know, distracted driving is a problem that continues to plague lawmakers and threaten the well-being of every driver. Just as drunk driving gained national attention in decades past as a major issue, distracted driving is now increasingly recognized as a leading cause of motor vehicle accidents. Understanding how and why drivers are distracted may be a key component in eliminating or lessening this threat. 

Whiplash: a common injury from motor vehicle accidents

When negligent or reckless drivers cause car accidents, innocent victims can suffer injuries that range from minor cuts and bruises to permanent damage. Sometimes, injuries can be unseen yet still have a major, painful impact on a victim and his or her ability to function in daily life. Whiplash is one of the most common consequences from motor vehicle accidents, but it is often overlooked as it is considered to be a minor injury.

Distracted driving and a higher chance of motor vehicle accidents

Distracting driving has been a growing concern for responsible motorists and law enforcement personnel in West Virginia and across the country. Most people assume that distracted driving is related to the use of cell phones, but in reality, it encompasses a variety of dangerous behaviors. Some of the common behaviors that cause distracted driving motor vehicle accidents include talking to other passengers, adjusting the radio or even crying.

Strong emotions can increase chances of motor vehicle accidents

Distracted driving or drunk driving are dangerous behaviors that increase the chance of crashes or injuries for every West Virginia driver. While the use of a cell phone certainly increases the chance of motor vehicle accidents, other behaviors can be just as dangerous. Researchers found that strong emotions can also have a negative impact on a person's ability to drive safely.

Do not overlook whiplash injuries from motor vehicle accidents

If you have been injured in a car accident in West Virginia, you may not think that you have grounds for a personal injury claim. Victims often assume that they have no legal options due to a lack of validating evidence or because their injuries are minor, but they may still have claims for compensatory damages. Whiplash, a rather common injury suffered in motor vehicle accidents, is often overlooked as a minor injury. As a result, victims may suffer alone.

Motor vehicle accidents and teens: A deadly combination

When a West Virginia driver takes his or her attention away from the roadway -- even for a moment -- deadly consequences can follow. Motor vehicle accidents caused by distraction are actually the leading cause of death among teen drivers. In fact, talking on the phone, texting or other phone-related activities has come to be known as a phenomenon called "intextication."

When drowsy driving causes motor vehicle accidents

Accidents happen for many reasons, and it can be hard to determine exactly what caused the incident. In some cases, drowsy driving may be to blame for motor vehicle accidents, causing as much damage and injury as an accident caused by drunk driving or speeding. When these accidents cause harm to innocent motorists, it is important to work with a lawyer who is experienced in complex injury claims.

The holidays increases the risk of motor vehicle accidents

West Virginia readers know that the holidays are a time of year when there are more drivers on the road than usual. An increased number of drivers can lead to an increase in motor vehicle accidents, particularly those related to drunk driving. In an effort to discourage this dangerous behavior, law enforcement officers throughout the state will be increasing patrols over the holiday weekend.

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