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Coal mine accidents: Worker sues mine after arm amputation

Coal mine workers in West Virginia are faced with a multitude of hazards on every shift they work. Workers have the right to work environments that are safe and free of preventable hazards. Failure of mining companies to adhere to prescribed safety regulations may lead to coal mine accidents that may cause catastrophic injuries or worse.

Coal mine accidents: what do mine fatality statistics indicate?

Miners in West Virginia know the risk that they face every day for coal mine accidents. With proper training and safety protocols, the risk for coal mine accidents can decrease, but statistics indicate that numbers may not be decreasing at an appropriate rate. In 2014, there were two fewer deaths in the industry than occurred in the previous year. While this is certainly an improvement, coal mine accidents should be decreasing at a faster rate. 

Know your rights after coal mine accidents

Working in the mining industry comes with a certain amount of known hazards, including a certain risk for coal mine accidents. Mine safety is a critical component of working in this field, and when coal mine accidents do occur, the injured party does have certain rights. The Mine Act, which grants industry employees specific rights, applies to any individual who works in the mining industry. 

Safety violations cause coal mine accidents in West Virginia

It is important for employers to maintain a safe work environment. Not only is this legally required, it can even prevent serious injuries. In some cases, failure to adhere to safety standards can result in death. This is particularly important for avoiding coal mine accidents that are already more dangerous due to the nature of the coal mining occupation in West Virginia.

West Virginia lawmakers address dangers of coal mine accidents

Employment laws include rules and regulations aimed at maintaining a safe workplace for workers and laborers. This can be particularly important in the coal mining industry since coal mine accidents can be especially dangerous and can easily lead to losses of multiple lives. However, sometimes it takes a disaster to actually occur before regulators are aware that actions are needed in order to update safety regulations. Unfortunately, this seems to have been the case in West Virginia following a coal mine accident which killed 29 miners.

Potential for coal mine accidents results in citations

West Virginia readers are likely well aware of the danger and risk for coal mine accidents associated with the coal mine industry. Because of the risk for coal mine accidents, it is vital that mine owners and operators provide safety measures for all employees or they may face fines and penalties. Recently, four mines in the state were found lacking in certain safety requirements, resulting in several citations levied by federal investigators.

Talks focus on preventing coal mine accidents in West Virginia

In West Virginia, the mining industry plays a significant role in the employment of residents and is an integral part of the state’s economy. This type of occupation, however, can pose a great number of safety risks to employees. It is necessary to attempt to prevent coal mine accidents because without the proper safety precautions, workers could become seriously injured or even killed.

Federal mine administration says safety, culture improving

As many of our West Virginia readers know, some personally, mining continues to be a dangerous profession. Although advances in technology and safety have made the vocation more safe than ever before, there are still many incidents, including in coal mining accidents, in which workers are injured.

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