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Negligent driver leads to personal injury in West Virginia

Many car accidents occur as a result of one driver's failure to obey a traffic light. With so many people in a hurry to reach their destinations, this has become a common occurrence. While many of these traffic violations are uneventful, there is always the potential for disaster. If someone in West Virginia is hurt in a collision involving a negligent driver, a personal injury claim may be filed against the party believed to have been at fault.

Mother and son file personal injury suit for bus injury

When West Virginia parents send their children off to school in a school bus, there is a reasonable expectation that the children will arrive at school and back home safely. Unfortunately for one mother, her son was injured on his bus, and the two of them have recently filed a personal injury lawsuit. The personal injury suit is against the county's Board of Education as well as five individual employees.

Man files personal injury lawsuit against retail giant

Injuries occur every single day. Some are merely accidents due to moments of clumsiness, but others may happen because of the negligence of another party, which can lead to the filing of a personal injury claim. A West Virginia man was recently injured during a shopping trip at a local Walmart and has filed a personal injury suit against the company.

Woman files personal injury lawsuit against Coca-Cola

When people see television commercials with cute little polar bears or people of differing nationalities singing on a hillside, they are supposed to think all would be right with the world if everyone would just drink a Coca-Cola. However, one West Virginia woman does not share the warm feelings those commercials portray and has filed a personal injury lawsuit against the company. The personal injury suit was filed after the woman says she was injured by a Coca-Cola delivery driver.

Couple files personal injury lawsuit against doctor

When a person experiences relentless pain, he or she will do just about anything to get relief. A husband and wife have filed a personal injury lawsuit against a West Virginia doctor after he performed the wrong procedure on the husband, who sought to ease the pain he had been experiencing. The personal injury suit named the doctor and his anesthesiology practice as defendants.

Personal injury lawsuit filed for claims of tainted bottled water

West Virginia consumers buy food and drink products based on their perception of how the items should taste. It is quite a surprise when the product does not satisfy the taste buds the way it is supposed to, and finding altered substances can lead to a personal injury lawsuit. A man has filed a personal injury suit because he claims some bottled water he drank contained chemicals comparable to those used in window cleaner.

Personal injury claim possible after pedestrian-auto accident

When a person is hit by a moving vehicle, there is a high probability that the victim could suffer from serious injuries, even death. A person has no protection against the impact of a car or truck, and even a low speed accident could have dire consequences. When a person is injured in a pedestrian-auto accident, that individual has the right to seek compensation through a personal injury claim.

Drunk driving crash could be grounds for wrongful death claim

A recent fatal accident in West Virginia serves as an example of how dangerous drunk driving can be. A passenger is dead as a result of a suspected drunk driver, and it is possible that the family of the deceased may have grounds for a wrongful death claim. The driver was able to get himself out of the vehicle, and he was taken for medical treatment at a local hospital. 

Car accident could be grounds for personal injury claim

A recent West Virginia motor vehicle collision in Spring Mills caused injury to at least 12 people and caused the death of another. Although the cause of the car accident was initially under investigation, police now say that the driver was drunk at the time the crash happened. While the driver is facing criminal charges, the accident could be grounds for personal injury claims and a wrongful death lawsuit  as well.

West Virginia police named as defendant in personal injury suit

A woman injured in a car accident has taken legal action against the West Virginia State Police for their alleged role in the incident. The personal injury claim was filed to recover compensatory damages on behalf of the plaintiff. She claims that she suffered physical and emotional trauma, including loss of enjoyment of life, in the accident.

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