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Products liability: Big trouble in small packages?

Each year, unsuspecting consumers fall victim to faulty products. West Virginia residents may have personal knowledge about an incident in which a product caused serious injury to a victim. In such cases, legal action may be appropriate in the form of a products liability suit. 

Products liability can be life or death

Many West Virginia residents rely on a medical device, either temporarily or permanently, to maintain a better quality of life. An infusion pump is a medical device that can deliver medicines, blood or necessary fluids to a patient. Many of these patients may now be looking into a products liability claim in a civil court. 

Secret ingredient may lead to products liability suits

West Virginia residents are doing their best to keep their families safe and healthy throughout the ongoing health crisis. Lately, it has been difficult to find ordinary products that can help reduce the spread of illness. Hand sanitizers are a cheap and easy way to help prevent illnesses and germs that spread through touch, but some shocking information may leave many wondering about how to handle a products liability case. 

Bayer faces multitude of products liability claims

Many individuals in West Virginia and elsewhere have experienced health complications due to the negligent actions of certain product manufacturers. Dangerous products can pose a significant threat to a person's well-being, and in some cases, those subjected to a hazardous product could develop permanent medical conditions such as cancer. Bayer AG is reportedly in talks to reach a settlement in relation to a multitude of products liability claims over the product known as Roundup.

$34 million award in products liability claim re IVC filter

There are many individuals in West Virginia and across the nation who rely on a medical device to assist in the treatment of a major health condition. Should such a device prove defective, there is a chance it could place the well-being of a patient at serious risk. A woman in another state was recently awarded a judgment of $34 million in a products liability lawsuit after a defective inferior vena cava filter caused her to suffer permanent damage.

Products liability: Hamburger buns pose hazard due to plastic

Many people in West Virginia and across the country do not know how a number of products they use are made. While this may not bother some individuals, there is always the chance that something could have gone wrong during production and manufacturing that could cause a product to be more dangerous than anticipated. In fact, it is not uncommon for mishaps to lead to products liability claims due to resulting injuries.

Company paying $1B to settle defective medical device cases

West Virginia patients trust that medical devices and products are safe to use and have been thoroughly tested. Unfortunately, this is not always what happens, and dangerous products are sometimes put on the market. Companies may even allow a defective medical device to be sold despite knowing potential risks. This is what numerous people allege in a case against the company Johnson & Johnson, where it has agreed to pay around $1 billion to settle close to 6,000 cases related to a metal hip replacement.

$1.2M awarded in products liability lawsuit

Prior to undergoing surgery to have a medical device implanted, many individuals in West Virginia may wish to know the potential risks and side effects involved with a product. Those who are not informed of these risks might be unable to make informed decisions, and any defects within the design of a product can create a possible hazard to their health. A man in another state has reportedly been awarded in excess of $1 million in a products liability lawsuit after an IVC filter caused him to suffer serious injuries.

Dangerous medical devices can lead to products liability claims

Many individuals in West Virginia and elsewhere rely on medical devices to assist in the treatment of a variety of conditions. Should a medical device prove defective or dangerous, the health of a patient could be placed at significant risk. Individuals who suffer harm due to such a device may be entitled to compensation, and many could choose to pursue it through a products liability claim.

Johnson & Johnson loses another products liability lawsuit

Johnson & Johnson is a name West Virginia parents have trusted for years. The company is well-known for its mild hygiene products that are marketed to be safe on babies. Because of their presumed safeness for use, some adults have also used the company's talcum-based products on themselves for various uses throughout the years. Unfortunately, there is a possible link to cancer with the consistent use of J&J's talcum-based products. A jury in another state just awarded $417 million to one woman in the products liability lawsuit she filed against the company, claiming a link between J&J products and her terminal cancer diagnosis.  

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