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Couple struggles with loss of companionship after West Virginia accident

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A couple is suing a man from Cabell County after he plowed into their vehicle with his car. The couple filed suit in February 2013 in Cabell Circuit Court against the defendant. In the matter, the plaintiffs cite negligence and loss of companionship.

According to the lawsuit, the wife was a passenger of a vehicle, which was traveling on U.S. 60 in Huntington. All of a sudden, the defendant motorist crashed into the couple’s car. Court documents assert that the motorist was driving recklessly and carelessly, and he ultimately lost control of his vehicle. Ultimately, he crossed the center lane into oncoming traffic.

Due to the collision, the woman suffered injuries to her lower back, neck and spine. The plaintiffs are perusing damages, attorney’s fees, court costs and associated interest.

Loss of companionship and other damages

A number of issues can lead to an injurious car accident. Many collisions are the result of vehicle malfunctions, weather conditions, drunk driving and distracted driving. However, regardless of what caused the accident, the main concern after a collision is whether anyone was harmed. If so, injured victims can pursue recovery and justice for sustained harm.

The case above is a good illustration of the pursuit of recovery after a vehicle collision. The couple – especially the wife – has suffered from the collision. Specifically, she sustained injuries to her back, neck and spine. However, the suit also names “loss of companionship.” This means that the injuries she suffered were not only personally harmful, but also affected the life of the woman’s husband in some form.

Loss of companionship refers to the law of torts, which accounts for the deprivation of the benefits of a family relationship as a result of injuries caused by a negligent person. Here, the couple is alleging that the vehicle accident resulted in injuries severe enough to affect the relationship of the family.

Loss of companionship is just one type of recovery available for victims of an accident in West Virginia. Moreover, it is important to remember that just because you were not personally involved in the accident, you may have sustained a loss that is compensable under the law.

If you would like to learn more about what is recoverable after a motor vehicle accident, you should speak with a legal professional about what happened. A lawyer versed in relevant personal injury laws can help you assess your specific case.