Making a C8 Claim

Persons who have, or subsequently acquire one of the six conditions which the C8 Science Panel has linked to C8 exposure may have potential claims for compensation. (Note also that family members of deceased persons who had one or more of the linked conditions may also be entitled to claim compensation.)

The linked diseases are:

1. Kidney Cancer
2. Testicular Cancer
3. Ulcerative Colitis
4. Thyroid Disease
5. Pregnancy Induced Hypertension (including preeclampsia)
6. Hypercholesterolemia

If your disease is not on the above list or you did not acquire your drinking water from one of the included water supplies for a year or more prior to December 4, 2004, we cannot help you under the class action.

To make an individual personal injury claim under the C8 class action you must have acquired your drinking water from one of the included water supplies for a year or more prior to December 4, 2004 and your disease must be included among the six diseases linked to C-8 exposure by the C-8 Science Panel. The affected water districts are (1) Little Hocking, Ohio; (2) Lubeck Public Service District, West Virginia; (3) City of Belpre, Ohio; (4) Tuppers Plains, Ohio; (5) Mason County Public Service District, West Virginia; (6) Village of Pomeroy, Ohio. Water from certain private drinking wells within these areas, including DuPont's Washington Works Plant, is also included.

The law firms of Hill, Peterson, Carper, Bee & Deitzler, PLLC; Taft Stettinius & Hollister LLP; and Winter & Johnson PLLC have worked together as class counsel on behalf of the affected residents since the original court filing in 2001. The three original class counsel law firms continue to work together and are presently accepting and representing clients who have suffered personal injury damages (C8 linked human disease) as a result of C8 exposure. Our clients pay no fees and no expenses for legal representation by our team of law firms unless a financial recovery is obtained for that client. Fees and expenses are paid from the amount recovered on the client's behalf. If you have suffered from one of the linked diseases related to C8 exposure, you may request us to represent you.

Due to obligations to current clients and the now imminent, and possibly expired, deadlines that apply to C8 personal injury lawsuits that are not yet filed, we are no longer accepting new clients for personal injury claims in the DuPont C8 class action litigation if the C8 linked disease was acquired or diagnosed prior to January 28, 2013 unless the class member is under the age of 20 with sufficient time for preparation and filing of the necessary lawsuit prior to that class member reaching 20 years of age.

If you were diagnosed with kidney cancer or testicular cancer after January 28, 2013, and within two years prior to the date when we feel that we can reasonably file a lawsuit on your behalf, we may consider representation if you contact us without delay after receiving medical diagnosis of the disease or cancer. If you are in that category, please fill out and submit the information below.

Be aware that you are not our client, and we are not representing you or monitoring deadlines on your claim, until we receive and endorse a signed attorney/client contract.

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It is important for you to be aware that the mere fact that you contact the law firm does not result in us accepting any responsibility for your case. Specifically, when you contact us through information on this website or otherwise, you understand and agree that we are not your lawyers unless both you and the law firm enter into a written agreement of representation.

No attorney/client relationship begins until and unless both you and a Hill Peterson Carper Bee & Deitzler, PLLC attorney sign a written agreement regarding representation. Without a signed attorney client agreement, your e-mail or phone call to us does not create any responsibility on the part of the law firm of Hill Peterson Carper Bee & Deitzler, PLLC or any of its attorneys to represent you, advise you, or monitor deadlines that apply to your claim.

When you contact us, please understand the possibility that we may previously represent other clients whose interests may be in conflict with your own. If you choose to provide us with personal or private information about your claim or case before we do a conflict of interest check (to be sure that we do not represent an adverse party), you do so at your own risk.

If in doubt, always request a conflict of interest check from us before providing confidential information about your claim or case. If we already represent a party who is adverse to you, please understand that we cannot advise you nor accept your case. Also, we will not cease representation of a current client simply because of the fact that you contacted us to inquire about possible representation on your claim.

This law firm's conflict of interest policy is uniformly enforced. We will provide you the same conflict protection and courtesy to you if we are employed as your attorneys prior to the time when someone adverse to you might contact us. We will never knowingly accept a client in any case when that individual's interests conflict, or potentially conflict, with the interests of a current client whom we represent on a related matter.

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